Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Indore


This procedures includes making of micro-sized( less than 7mm) incisions and a tiny tubular system along with endoscope to view the surgical area.

This surgery though used to treat other areas of the body is very much helpful and sought after in treating pain as well for the reason as advancement in optics, clear visualisation of tissues and more visible spinal imaging.

Endoscopic surgery for spine is well advanced, latest form of minimally invasive surgery aiming at quick recovery of the patient. Endoscopic spine surgery helps to protect normal range of spine potency after the surgery. Endoscopic spine surgery procedure can in some cases be performed using local anesthesia, reducing the risk overall in elderly patients or for those who have other co-morbidities increasing the surgical risks.

How is Endoscopic spine surgery performed?

In the beginning, the pateint is readied for the surgery, administering local anesthesia to hamper the pain. Then a 1cm tiny incision is done and a tubular trocar is inserted about the width of a pencil. Acoording to the patients specific diagnosis, the procedure may involve one of the two techniques– either intralaminar( from the back of the spine between the two laminae) or transforaminal ( from the back /side of the spine into the neuroforamen- a nerve passageway) approach.

After that a samll camera is inserted via trocar to the specific area of the spine. During the entire process, the camera guides the surgeon by projecting real time images of the site being operated onto a monitor in the direct view of the surgeon.

Are you a candidate for endoscopic spine surgery?

Anyone with very common types of spinal disorders are candidates for endoscopic spine surgery including moderate to severe disc herniation, facet arthropathy, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. But spine surgery is not the first option always. Other forms of non- surgical methods as spinal injections, physical therapy are tried before going ahead with any kind of surgery be it endoscopic surgery as well.